State Telecommunications Management Manual Online

The State Telecommunications Management Manual (STMM) provides state telecommunications policies and procedures based on the State Administrative Manual (SAM) Sections 4500-4555 and Government Code Sections 11541. The STMM is continually updated to reflect current telecommunications management policies and practices, and links to helpful outside resources are included throughout the STMM. Telecommunications terms appearing in the manual are defined in the STMM Glossary; terms in text are hyperlinked to the Glossary to provide easy access to the information.

Listed below is a pdf version of the STMM by chapter.

For questions about the manual or the update process, please call (916) 657-9150.

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Number Title
0100.0 State Telecommunications Management Manual (pdf)
0101.0 STND Contact Information (pdf)
0200.0 Telecommunications State Vision and Strategy (pdf)
0201.0 State Telecommunications and Network Division (pdf)
0202.0 Department of Finance (pdf)
0203.0 State Procurement (pdf)
0204.0 State Agencies (pdf)
0205.0 Non-State Agencies (Local Government) (pdf)
3-205.0 Non-State Agencies (Local Government) (pdf)
0300.0 Agency Telecommunications Representative (ATR) Responsibilities (pdf)
0300.1 Agency Telecommunications Representative Designation Form and Instructions (pdf)
0301.0 Trouble Reporting (pdf)
0302.0 Fraud Reporting (pdf)
0303.0 CALNET Training (pdf)
0400.0 CALNET Master Service Agreement (pdf)
0400.1 Mandatory and Non-Mandatory Services (MSA) (pdf)
0500.0 Ordering CALNET 2 Services (pdf)
3-500.0 Ordering CALNET 3 Services (pdf)
0500.1 Personal Services (pdf)
3-500.1 Personal Services (pdf)

CALNET Exemption Requests and Non CALNET Procurements (pdf)

3-501.0 CALNET 3 Exemption Requests and Non-CALNET Procurements (PDF)
0502.0 CALNET Delegation (pdf)
3-502.0 CALNET 3 Delegation
0503.0 Statement of Work (pdf)
0504.0 Procurement Delegation (pdf)
0505.0 Feasibility Study Report (FSR) (pdf)
0506.0 Long Distance and Calling Card Services (pdf)
3-506.0 Long Distance and Calling Card Services (pdf)
0507.0 Toll-Free Telephone Service (pdf)
0508.0 Personal Communication Devices (pdf)
0600.0 Facilities Management (pdf)
0601.0 Uniform Building Cabling/Wiring Guidelines (pdf)
0602.0 Intra-building Network Cable Standards (pdf)
0603.0 New Construction (pdf)
0800.0 Personal Use of State Phones (pdf)
0801.0 Private Residence Telephone Services (pdf)
0802.0 900 Service (pdf)
0900.0 Forms Index
Glossary Glossary of terms used in STMM

If you have any questions regarding these sections, please contact the STND consultants at (916) 657-9150.