Calnet Three

CALNET 3 Overview

CALNET 3 provides a comprehensive array of telecommunications and network services to California state and non-state, government entities. Services are provided through multiple, competitively priced, vendor contracts--including AT&T, CenturyLink, Integra, Jive, NWN, and Verizon. For CALNET 3 program or service related questions, please contact a CALNET representative: by email or (916) 657-9150. For CALNET 3 billing inquiries, please email



CALNET 3 Features

  • Catalogs & Pricing
    Inlcudes information about CALNET 3 services and pricing by vendor.
  • User Instructions (pdf)
    Use this information to apply for CALNET 3 services.
  • ATR Bulletins
    Bulletins provide contract and policy updates.
  • Forms
    Forms to apply for service categories by vendor.
  • Contracts
    All contracts, amendments and attachments by category and vendor.


·CALNET 3 Notification and Subscription

Stay informed when changes are made to our services and vendors.