The Office of Technology Services Statewide Telecommunications and Network Division (STND) contracted with SBC and MCI to provide a comprehensive array of telecommunications services to public entities throughout the State. In a competitive bid, this seven-year master telecommunications contract, known as the "California Integrated Telecommunications Network, CALNET Master Agreement CNT-001 (CALNET 1)", was awarded in December 1998.

On January 30, 2007 CALNET 2 was awarded to AT&T and Verizon Business to replace CALNET 1. CALNET 2 consists of four MSAs: MSA1 (Voice, Data and Video Services) and MSA2 (Long Distance & Network Based Services) were awarded to AT&T, and MSA 3 (Internet Protocol (IP) Voice, Data and Video Services) and MSA 4 (Broadband Fixed Wireless Access (BFWA), Data Services) were awarded to Verizon Business. Each MSA is for 5 years with the possibility of two one year extensions.

Services provided under CALNET 2 can be accessed at

Why Use the CALNET Master Services Agreement?
Because this contract affords the vendors a larger customer base than any qualified government purchaser would have alone, and it is able to offer state-of-the-art services and equipment at lower rates based on the collective purchasing power of the entire state public sector. Also, this contract is the result of an extensive competitive bidding process; therefore, agencies can purchase directly from the contract with confidence that all government requirements for competitive bidding have already been met.

In addition to the quality of services available, agencies have the assurance that STND staff are on hand to provide oversight validation and consultation. The CALNET Master Agreement provides exceptional products and services, plus the knowledge base of STND staff who have in-depth understanding of the CALNET Master Agreement and recognize the importance of reliable, cost-effective telecommunications services. We can also provide advice regarding your requirements, including recommendations for consultant services.

How to Order Products and Services Using the CALNET Master Agreement - CALNET2