CALNET 2 Request For Proposal

Revised CALNET 2 Request for Proposal (RFP)

CALNET Amendments

Non-State Agency

  • All entities are encouraged to view the Authorized Agency List to be sure you are eligible to take advantage of the CALNET 2 contract.
  • If your Agency is not on the Authorized Agency list the Non State Agency Service Policy is used to certify that the requesting agency meets the established criteria for "Authorized Agency" status.
  • If you are a qualified Non-State Agency (Includes Federal and Local), you must complete the appropriate Authorization to Order contract below.

      Authorization to Order Contract and Order Attachment Form

      • MSA 1 A-2: ATO (pdf)   E-Rate: ATO 07/01/20xx (pdf)
      • MSA 1 A-6: ATO (pdf)
      • MSA 2 A-2: ATO (pdf)   E-Rate: ATO 07/01/20xx (pdf)
      • MSA 3 A-2: ATO (pdf)
      • MSA 4 A-2: ATO (pdf)