CALNET 2 offers State and non-state agencies a comprehensive array of telecommunications services throughout the State of California.  Awarded on January 3, 2007, CALNET 2 consists of four Master Service Agreements (MSAs). Each MSA is a five-year contract and contains an option for two one-year extensions. There are approximately 211 State and 1710 non-state agencies using CALNET 2 services. For information regarding Mandatory Services, Delegations, and/or Exemptions, please refer to the State Telecommunications Management Manual for additional information.  

The CALNET 2 Services can be found at product catalog links below:

How to Order Products and Services

State Agencies:

Non-State Agencies: Ordering Procedures

    • All entities are encouraged to view the Authorized Agency List to be sure you are eligible to take advantage of the CALNET2 contract.

    If your Agency is not on the Authorized Agency list the Non State Agency Service Policy is used to certify that the requesting agency meets the established criteria for "Authorized Agency" status.

    Authorization To Order Contract and Order Attachment Form

    • MSA 1 A-2: ATO (pdf)   E-Rate: ATO 07/01/20xx (pdf)
    • MSA 1 A-6: ATO (pdf)
    • MSA 2 A-2: ATO (pdf)   E-Rate: ATO 07/01/20xx (pdf)
    • MSA 3 A-2: ATO (pdf)
    • MSA 4 A-2: ATO (pdf)

    Once an ATO agreement is signed, a (STD 20) should be completed to order services using the same process described for state agencies above.

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  • CALNET 1 Expired December 3, 2008


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