The Office of Technology Services (OTech) serves the common technology needs of Executive Branch agencies and other public entities with accountability to customers for providing secure services that are responsive to their needs and represent best value to the State. To pursue this mission, customers need to have accurate, current and timely information about services. The Service Catalog is designed to provide this information, and is an important tool to ensure the accuracy and consistency of communications with customers and other stakeholders.

The Service Catalog provides an overview of services by describing each service component. For each service, the Catalog includes:

  • A brief description of the service
  • Information about the service lifecycle (emerging, mainstream, containment or retirement), hours of service and how to access the service
  • Technical specifications
  • Security overviews
  • A description of the charges associated with the service, including invoice descriptions, codes and rates
  • Standards of service in relation to service delivery, including service level management, capacity management, contingency planning (continuity), availability management and financial management
  • Contact information for inquiries and support

While every service is described in the same format, each service has a different level of maturity. Over time, our Service Managers and Service Delivery Managers will update the Service Catalog to enhance and expand the information. Our vision for the Service Catalog is for it to be a living document that is updated at least quarterly.

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