About the Statewide Telecommunications and Network Division

The Department of Technology Services Statewide Telecommunications and Network Division (STND) provides an integrated information network for the State of California. We provide a broad range of vital telecommunications and networking services, including telecommunications consulting. We also offer State officials expert advice and assistance in evaluating and planning for the future telecommunications needs of California.

STND provides telecommunications and networking services to a state with the sixth largest economy in the world, encompassing 163,000 square miles and 1,800 state and local agencies. We meet this challenge by educating ourselves and our customers on the latest technology offerings, listening to our customers needs and providing effective business solutions.

STND's focus is to provide the highest levels of service, products and expertise to the State. We do this through:

Customer Advocacy
Actively researching, recommending and providing cost efficient business solutions to our customers.

Contract Development, Negotiation, and Administration
Negotiating and administering integrated network products, services for use by all State agencies, departments, cities, counties and other local jurisdictions.

Vendor Management
Guiding vendors in the implementation of products and services to ensure that customers' business needs are met.

Regulation, Communication and Compliance
Providing business solutions to meet customer needs while following California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules and tariffs.

Technical Expertise
Striving to be the center of competence, expertise and leadership for integrated information network technologies and services in the State.

Telecommunications and Networking Strategists
Working closely with the State Chief Information Officer, the Department of Finance, State Procurement, and others to develop and implement consistent, standard State Telecommunication and information technology policies and strategies.

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