Credit Request

Processing Credit Request - Form OTech 110

It is OTech policy to issue credit for jobs processed incorrectly due to an error caused by OTech hardware, software or personnel.

In order to equitably and objectively administer the Processing Credit Request PCR) procedure within the framework of the established policy, certain conditions must be present before a request for credit can be approved. They are:

  • All requests must be received on Form OTech 110.
  • Complete documentation supporting the request must be submitted with the request (see below).
  • Requests must be submitted as soon as possible after the occurrence in question.
  • There must be sufficient information available to enable verification.

All requests for credit received by Office of Technology Services (OTech) will be reviewed and processed. Use discretion in determining which occurrences are worth the effort necessary to justify the cost of processing. It is recommended that customer departments establish a minimum Credit Request amount (i.e., twenty dollars), and submit credit requests only when this amount is exceeded.

Additional Instructions and Guidelines

A separate PCR should be submitted for each job for which credit is being requested. The completed PCR and accompanying documentation should be sent to your OTech CDD Representative.

The PCR must be accompanied by the JESMSG, JESJCL and SYSMSG portions of the job output. It should be noted that if the MSGLEVEL parameter is used and is coded other than MSGLEVEL=1 or MSGLEVEL=(1,1), the JESMSG, JESJCL and SYSMSG output may not contain sufficient information to permit verification of the problem.

If credit is requested for poor print quality, the request must be accompanied by sample pages of the actual report that is believed to be unusable. Please do not send large amounts of printed output, unless necessary. If a credit is requested due to use of improper forms or misalignment, the request must be accompanied by sample pages of the faulty output. Please submit any preceding alignment pattern tests, plus some of the actual output. Xerox copies are not sufficient for verification.

Following are valid reasons for submitting a PCR:

  • Human error -- i.e., incorrect forms mounted.
  • Job cancelled due to system failure. (If any output is received, attach all printed output to the PCR.)
  • Job abnormally terminates for reasons that can be shown to be beyond the control of the customer -- e.g., a DASD error.
  • Job re-runs made necessary to recover losses caused by Gold Camp software or hardware failures.

Following are examples of non-creditable occurrences:

  • Charges accruing due to customer inefficiencies in processing methods, code, sorts or look-ups.
  • Customer JCL errors.
  • Customer overrides of default JCL TIME parameters that cause the job to either end prematurely or use an excessive amount of time.
  • Customer program errors.
  • Jobs terminated for failure to comply with Gold Camp standards.
  • Jobs cancelled by JES3 for exceeding requested CPU time.
  • Scheduled jobs cancelled for non-conformance with resource requirements.

Neither of the above examples are intended to cover all possible cases. Any particular situation outside the scope of these guidelines will be addressed on an individual basis.

Credit Request Processing

All Credit Requests will be processed as quickly as possible; however, depending upon the time of receipt and the amount of effort involved in verification, approved credit may not always appear on the next monthly invoice. In such cases, the credit will be included on the invoice for the following month.

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