SAS Support

Please contact an OTech SAS support person or call the OTech Service Desk at (916) 464-4311 if you have any question regarding SAS (Statistical Analysis Software). This may include assistance with acquiring SAS software, installing software, maintaining licenses, connectivity and general SAS questions.

Mainframe SAS Support

SAS/PC Support

Support staff update SAS on the mainframe and on OTech-supported UNIX platforms whenever hotfix bundles and/or necessary fixes are issued from the SAS Institute. The end user is responsible for updating their version of SAS / PC Hot fixes and service packs to SAS/PC can be found at http:// / techsup /download/hotfix/hotfix.html.

OTech SAS Support includes:

  • Acquisition (licensing), installation and maintenance for the SAS software for all platforms
  • Distribution of SAS/PC whenever new versions are released
  • Distribution of license activation codes (System Installation Data - SID) for SAS/PC
  • Maintenance of test environments for evaluating the impact of fixes and upgrades
  • General assistance with JCL for running SAS on the mainframe(s )
  • General assistance for SAS programming issues
  • General assistance for install and licensing issues concerning SAS/PC
  • General assistance for SAS connectivity issues such as SAS/PC to host platforms
  • General assistance for SAS connectivity via Microsoft Office products, SAS Enterprise Guide or Web pages
  • First level technical support for all SAS users, all SAS issues
  • Second level support through a contract with the SAS Institute

SAS is a modular, integrated application development system that can address many business needs. SAS provides technical and non-technical users with the ability to create, access and/or manipulate data from a multitude of sources for simple to complex data analysis, report generation, data management, and data presentation. SAS can connect to simple "flat" files, complete data base systems (such as DB2 ) or integrated applications (such as PeopleSoft ). The SAS/ IntrNet software can enable customers to use SAS as "middleware" to develop modern client/server access to legacy data.

Online mainframe SAS is invoked by taking option 6, Command, from the ISPF Primary Option Menu and typing in the appropriate clist.


S1/S2 support the following SAS clists:

SAS or SAS91 (Allocates version 9.1.3. SAS includes PROC SYNCSORT.)
SAS82 (Allocates version 8.2.)

CWS LPARs support the following SAS clist:

SAS8 (Allocates version 8.0.)

SY1/2/3/4/5/6 support the following SAS clists:

SAS (Allocates version 9.1.3.)
SAS82 (Allocates version 8.2.)
SAS81 (Allocates version 8.1.)

SAS Procedures (PROCS):

Batch SAS is executed from within JCL and is invoked by SAS procedures, or PROCs .

SY1/S2 support the following SAS PROCs :

HWSAS or HWSAS91 (Allocates version 9.1.3. HWSAS includes PROC SYNCSORT.)
HWSAS82 (Allocates version 8.2.)

CWS LPARs support the following SAS PROC:

SAS8 (Allocates version 8.0.)

SY1/2/3/4/5/6 support the following SAS PROCs:

SAS (Allocates version 9.1.3. Note: PROC is SAS91 on SY3.)
SAS82 (Allocates version 8.2.)
SAS81 (Allocates version 8.1. Note: PROC is SAS on SY3.)

SAS/PC Bundled Products Offering:

Product Name:

Enterprise Computing Offer containing the following seven products:
    1. Base SAS software
    2. SAS/ACCESS Interface to PC Files Software
    3. SAS/AF Software
    4. SAS/CONNECT Software
    5. SAS/EIS Software
    6. SAS/FSP Software
    7. SAS/Graph Software
Statplus containing the following 4 products:
    1. SAS/IML Software
    2. SAS/Insight Software
    3. SAS/LAB Software
    4. SAS/STAT Software

SAS Online Tutor Basic and Intermediate SAS

SAS/ACCESS Interface to ODBC Software

SAS/ETS Software

SAS/GIS Software

SAS/OR Software

SAS/QC Software

SAS/PC Renewal Instructions:

For SAS/PC, OTech distributes the current year's SID to those OTech customers who request (and pay for) SAS/PC activation for the next year. After payment is received, the next year's SID is distributed to customers. The PC owner/user typically updates the SID (previously called SETINIT ) on their PC. Please contact the Service Desk, (916) 464-4311 for instructions.

Save the license file (SID) to a location on your hard drive or LAN, then go to the Start menu and select All Programs, SAS, SAS 9.1 Utilities and Renew SAS Software. Once prompted, Browse to the location of the SAS Installation Data File (license file), select Next and follow the prompts to complete the process.

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