ASG Existing Systems Workbench (ESW)

Title ASG Existing Systems Workbench (ESW)
Platform Gold Camp z/OS Mainframe Systems SY3 and SY4
Purpose Enhance, redevelop and re-engineer existing systems
Source Allen Systems Group, Inc.
Access Enter %ASGCEN at TSO Ready or ISPF Option 6


The Existing Systems Workbench integrated suite of components provides a complete development, testing, debugging and documentation package for COBOL II and OS/VS COBOL programs.

The ASG-ESW family consists of the following components:

ASG-Insight - The Program Understanding component of ESW, and is used for COBOL programs. VIA/Insight allows programmers to expose program structure, identify data flow, find program anomalies and trace logic paths. It also has automated procedures to assist in debugging program abends, changing computations and resolving incorrect program output values.

ASG-SmartEdit - A COBOL intelligent editor that increases the speed and accuracy of modifying COBOL code using the ISPF /PDF editor. VIA/SmartEdit assists COBOL programmers in understanding:

  • Program structure
  • Where data is used and modified
  • How related data fields affect the logic of the program
  • The impact of syntax modifications on program logic
  • Execution paths of a COBOL program
  • Syntax checking without having to compile the program first

ASG-SmartTest - Provides a comprehensive testing and debugging tool that brings intelligence to testing. Knowledge of the program (syntax, logic relationships and execution flow) is the foundation upon which VIA/SmartTest builds a broad array of testing and debugging facilities for Assembler, PL/I and Multi-Language Support programs.

ASG-SmartDoc - May be used as either a static analysis tool or as a documentation tool. As a documentation tool, SmartDoc offers a comprehensive collection of pertinent reports that document each program automatically. Via/SmartDoc is the first analysis and documentation tool that understands a COBOL program's logic paths and data usage.

ASG-Encore - The program re-engineering component for COBOL programs. ASG-Encoree includes analysis facilities that enable the extraction of code based on function. This is a useful tool for technologically-poor programs targeted for rewrite or redevelopment. Functions of the existing program, along with associated data (COBOL FDs, working storage elements, etc.), can easily be extracted for inclusion into new programs.

ASG-Recap - Also known as Portfolio Analysis, is used to evaluate COBOL programs. Recap reports provide function-point analysis and metrics information, program quality assessments, intra- and inter-application comparisons and summaries, and historical reporting of function point and metrics information. The portfolio analysis information can also be viewed interactively or exported to a database, spreadsheet or graphics package.

Reference Manuals

ASG-ESW reference manuals are located in the TSO partitioned dataset (PDS) 'DC.MANUALS.ASG.ASGCENxx.DOC'. In addition, a brief summary of each manual can be found in 'DC.MANUALS.ASG.ASGCENxx.DOC(README)'. (Where xx represents the current release level.) These manuals are available in Adobe Acrobat format and may be downloaded from SY2 and the Triplex System for browsing or printing purposes. To download the files, use a 3270 emulation program (e.g., ATTACHMATE, PCOM, RUMBA, etc.) or File Transfer Program (FTP) using a BINARY transfer. In order to correctly associate the files with Adobe Acrobat, give the PC files an extension of 'PDF'.



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